Vittoria Panizzon amongst the tops in Malmo


In the course of the Malmo European Eventing Championships, after the dressage test divided between Thursday and yesterday, today, it’s the long awaited trial in the country.
A shuttle will transport supporters from the press room to the circuit setting, while for those who do not want to miss the Event while being at home you can follow him through Fei TV.
Starting first will be the German Dirk Schrade with Hop Skip and for the Italians the first to address the track will be Giovanni Ugolotti with Stylus Contika.At about 13.00 will start Lino Papparella Dunbeggin and Imp, at 13.55 Stefano Fioravanti with Nodin d’Orval, then at 15:30 will be the best of the Azzurri until now, Vittoria Panizzon with Borough Penny Z
The course was designed by the German Rudiger Schwarz and is about 6 km all round and provides a total of 31 obstacles of which 9 include a transition in water.
Regarding the standings, the highly decorated German Michael Jung yesterday in the dressage test has obtained a 80.93% for a total score of 28.60 with Halunke FBW.Immediately after another favorite, the British rider William Fox-Pitt on Chilli Morning in the dressage which obtained the percentage of 75.60, his score is 36.60.Third was the Swedish rider Ludwig Svennerstal with Shamwari 4 percentage slightly lower than that of Pitt in the test yesterday (74.93) for 37.60 points.As mentioned before the best Azzurri combination up to this moment is composed of Vittoria Panizzon and Borough Penny Z, placed in 15th place thanks to a 70.40% (44.40), just behind is Stefano Fioravanti Nodin with Orval in 16th place, we then find Luisa Palli Lalia with Nava is in 39th and John Ugolotti of Stilo Contika (41 °) while Lino Papparella Dunbeggin Imp and are in 47th place.

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