WEG: Germany take the gold medal in the team-dressage

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The first medals in the dressage discipline at the WEG have been handed out with Germany taking the gold. Despite the absence of the super-champion Totilas, the German team came through to take the victory with the following athletes chosen by coach Roeser Klaus:
Isabell Werth & Bella Rose 2 – 81.529%
Helen Langehanenberg & Damon Hill NRW – 81.357%
Kristina Sprehe & Desperados FRH – 78.814%
Fabienne Lutkemeier & D’agostino FRH – (73.586%)
TOTAL 241.700%
The silver medal went to Britain led by Ric Waygood with 231.343%:
Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro – 85.271%
Carl Hester & Nip Tuck – 74.186%
Michael Elberg & Half Moon Delphi – 71.886%
Gareth Hughes & DV Stenkjers Nadonna – (69.714%)
A deserved bronze went to Holland who had to replace two important members of its team in the form of Glock Undercover of Edward Gal and Kingsley Siro of Danielle Heijkoopf ahead of the WEG. However, guided by a confident coach in Ernes Wim, the Dutch team managed to pull off an excellent result. Here is the team that scored 227.400:
Adelinde Cornelissen & Jerich Parzival NOP – 79.629%
Hans Peter Minderhound & Glock’s Johnson TN – 74.357%
Diederik van Silfhout & Arlando NH NOP – 73.414%
Edward Gal & Glock’s Voice – (72.414%)
Italy unfortunately finished way down in 16th with 205.271. This is the team that took to the field:
Valentina Truppa & Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno – 73.814%
Ester Soldi & Harmonia – 66.300%
Leonardo Tiozzo & Randon – 65.157%
Federica Scolari & Beldonwelt – (64.429%)
For a full list of the results, please see the following link: http://score.normandie2014.com/results/dressage/DRE-PRI-TEA-FR.pdf

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