World Horse Welfare become associated partner of the British Equestrian Federation

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World Horse Welfare is an international charity association that seeks to protect the welfare of horses with voluntary and charitable contributions. As of the new year, the World Horse Welfare is also an associated partner of the British Equestrian Federation (BEF).
This new partnership has been made in order to promote the importance of protecting the welfare of horses in a competitive sporting environment.
The chief executive of the BEF Andrew Finding commented: “The steps made are important for the promotion and enhancement of equine welfare, we have joined forces in support of this campaign. We were impressed by the quality of the work done by this association and it is with great pleasure that we welcome the World Horse Welfare on board as part of our operation.
Their coming into the Federation draws together the work we do both nationally and internationally and in conjunction with FEI (Federation Equestrian Internationale). This is a particularly important time in light of the considerable number of horses requiring care. There is also a potential synergy for us in partnership with World Horse Welfare in finding homes for horses after rehabilitation“.
Roly Owers, the World Horse Welfare chief executive, was also said to be enthusiastic about the collaboration.
The British Equestrian Federation is an umbrella organisation that represents 4.2 million riders, divided into various disciplines in Great Britain.
The World Horse Welfare is an international charity organisation dedicated to improving the lives of horses in Great Britain and in the rest of the world. It is now hoped that the partnership between the two bodies will be a turning point in horse welfare.

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