A Detailed Exploration of Schockemöhle Lewitz

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In the enchanting ambiance of Fieracavalli in Verona, Horseshoejumping.tv had the opportunity to meet with Gabor Györfi , a seasoned sales representative from Stall Schockemöhle, he opened the gates to a comprehensive exploration of Schockemöhle Lewitz.

The three-time European Champion and entrepreneur Paul Schockemöhle has created the largest and at the same time most successful breeding centre in Europe.

With 18 years of expertise in horse sales, Gabor Györfi provided intricate details, unraveling the layers of the breeding program’s intricacies, from the sheer numbers of horses born annually to the meticulous criteria for selecting breeding horses.

Schockemöhle Lewitz: An Overview

Before delving into the specifics, it’s essential to comprehend the magnitude of Schockemöhle Lewitz. Established by equestrian luminary Paul Schockemöhle, this breeding program is a colossal entity with a sprawling facility nestled in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Boasting over 3,500 hectares of land, the program doesn’t just breed horses; it cultivates an equestrian legacy.

Breeding Numbers and Methods

Gabor shared a staggering statistic – over 500 foals are born at Schockemöhle Lewitz each year. This sheer volume is a testament to the program’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing elite bloodlines.

The breeding methods employed showcase a sophisticated approach. While older, highly- rated mares undergo embryo transfer, younger mares often experience traditional coverings, showcasing a dynamic strategy tailored to individual horse needs.

Mr. Schockemöhle wants to breed top horses, and for that, he needs a number of horses so that many top horses can be bred.”

Criteria for Choosing Breeding Horses

A pivotal aspect of Schockemöhle Lewitz’s success lies in the meticulous criteria for selecting breeding horses. Gabor underscored the significance of the horse’s family lineage, stating, “The family is very important. We know that this family has very good descendants who have already proven internationally.”

This emphasis on pedigree ensures that only the most promising bloodlines are chosen to contribute to the program’s ongoing legacy of excellence.

“Even if the horse is a sport horse, we often keep the horses for breeding.”

Structuring Lewitz and Horse Development

The operational structure of Lewitz is a fascinating tapestry of stages dedicated to the meticulous development of horses. Starting with the gynecology station, where embryo transfer and collection are expertly handled by specialized veterinarians, the process moves seamlessly to the Abvorstal, where foals are born under careful supervision.

Young horses progress through different stages, with a focus on training milestones such as walking, trotting, cantering, and eventually free-jumping, a testament to Schockemöhle Lewitz’s commitment to both athleticism and overall horse well-being.

Team and Agricultural Integration

Behind the scenes of Schockemöhle Lewitz is a dedicated team of approximately 350 individuals. This multifaceted workforce includes riders, veterinarians, and employees engaged in agriculture.

The integration of agricultural practices ensures a sustainable cycle where the land contributes to the production of hay, silo, and horse feed, maintaining the health and nutrition of the horses within the program.

Online Auctions and the Future

Gabor concluded our insightful conversation with a glimpse into the future paths of horses leaving Lewitz. The program’s adaptability is showcased through various avenues, including sending horses to Mühlen or selling them in Lewitz.

However, a particularly noteworthy aspect is the embrace of technology with regular online auctions, held every second week.

This approach expands the reach of Schockemöhle Lewitz, connecting with a global audience interested in acquiring these meticulously bred sport horses.

Our detailed exploration of Schockemöhle Lewitz reveals not just a breeding program but an intricate masterpiece woven with precision and passion.

From the meticulous breeding methods to the structured development stages and the dedicated team behind the scenes, Schockemöhle Lewitz stands as a paragon of excellence in the equestrian world.

As the program continues to shape the future of sport horse breeding, it remains a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and unwavering commitment to equestrian greatness.

“Schockemöhle Lewitz is not just about breeding horses; it’s about crafting a legacy, and each horse is a brushstroke in the canvas of equestrian excellence.”

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