A Journey Through Show Jumping: In-Depth Insights from Cedric Triolet

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Embarking on a captivating conversation with Cedric Triolet, a seasoned international show jumping trainer and FEI tutor, provides a unique and in-depth look into a remarkable journey spanning three decades in the equestrian world. From his formative years as a rider in France to his extensive travels coaching riders worldwide, Triolet generously shares valuable perspectives on coaching methodologies, the evolution of the sport, and his integral role within the FEI coaching system.

Early Career and Transition to Coaching

Cedric Triolet’s journey in the equestrian world commenced in France, where he embraced various roles from competing in juniors and young riders to venturing into small Grand Prixs. Driven by a desire to see the world, Triolet decided to change countries and ultimately found himself in South America. His transition from a competitive rider to a coach unfolded gradually as he started coaching alongside his own competition endeavors.

“After my time competing in France, I felt the urge to see the world and experience different equestrian cultures. South America provided me with opportunities to both compete and coach. It was during this period that I decided to focus solely on coaching as the demand for my expertise grew.”

Inception of FEI Coaching System

Triolet sheds light on his involvement with the prestigious FEI coaching system, a program designed to foster coaching excellence in countries without established structures. He recounts being one of the first recipients of the program in South America, attending courses led by renowned trainers such as Jerry Mullins. Later, he shares how he was handpicked to contribute to the development of these coaching courses.

“The FEI coaching system opened new horizons for developing equestrian nations. Being part of the inaugural courses in South America exposed me to invaluable training methodologies. Jerry Mullins’ guidance inspired me to become one of the contributors to shaping future coaching programs.”

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A Journey Through Show Jumping: In-Depth Insights from Cedric Triolet 6

Global Perspectives on Equestrian Sport

Triolet’s extensive travels and coaching clinics around the world provide him with a unique perspective on the diverse equestrian landscapes in different countries. He marvels at the enthusiasm for learning in developing nations, where riders are often more open to absorbing knowledge. While acknowledging this eagerness, Triolet notes the challenges faced by enthusiasts managing their own stables due to limited resources.

“The beauty of my global journey lies in witnessing the unbridled passion for learning in developing nations. Riders, often with limited resources, are eager to absorb knowledge. However, the challenges they face, such as creating proper stables and horse care, highlight the disparities in infrastructure.”

Training Methodology and Clinic Structure

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A Journey Through Show Jumping: In-Depth Insights from Cedric Triolet 7

Delving into Triolet’s coaching philosophy, the discussion shifts to his approach in working with riders of different levels. He describes his clinic structure, emphasizing the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Triolet details the importance of revisiting foundational work on the first day, gradually progressing to more technical aspects throughout the clinic.

“Each clinic follows a carefully structured plan. The initial focus is on theory and basics, laying a strong foundation for subsequent days. From ground pole work to technical jumping exercises, the goal is to see riders implement learned principles effectively in a final course.”

Memorable Coaching Highlights

“It’s not about winning big shows; it’s about seeing riders progress. One memorable instance is a rider overcoming challenges with a difficult mare. It brings me immense pride to witness the transformation and hard work paying off.”

Reflecting on his coaching career, Triolet reveals that his most fulfilling moments are not necessarily tied to victories but rather to witnessing the progress of riders under his guidance. He shares an anecdote about a challenging mare and the satisfaction derived from seeing a rider overcome difficulties.

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Challenges and Hopes for the Future

Triolet opens up about the challenges he faces as a trainer, particularly addressing riders who may not be ready for their desired level. He emphasizes the importance of patience and proper preparation. Looking ahead, he expresses hope for continued improvements in horse welfare and a reduction in abuse within the sport.

“Sometimes, riders aren’t ready for the level they aspire to. My challenge is to guide them and encourage patience. As for the future, I hope for ongoing strides in reinforcing horse welfare, preventing abuse, and ensuring the sport progresses ethically.”

Embracing Different Cultures Within Equine Sport

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A Journey Through Show Jumping: In-Depth Insights from Cedric Triolet 9

Cedric Triolet underscores the significance of understanding and embracing the diversity of cultures within the equine sport. He reflects on the various equestrian landscapes he has encountered during his global journey and how each country brings a unique perspective to the sport.

“Exploring different cultures within the equine sport has been an enriching experience. Each country brings its unique flavor to the sport, and it’s crucial to understand and appreciate these diverse approaches. It’s not just about coaching riders; it’s about learning from the rich tapestry of equestrian traditions worldwide.”

Cedric Triolet’s extensive experience, dedication, and insights into the world of show jumping offer a unique perspective on coaching methodologies and the evolution of the sport. His commitment to fostering improvement, both in riders and the overall equestrian community, is evident throughout his illustrious career. As the equestrian world continues to evolve, Triolet remains a guiding force, shaping the future of show jumping with passion and expertise. The depth of his experiences and wisdom serves as an inspiration for the next generation of equestrians worldwide.

V. Sozzi

Photo provided by Cedric Triolet

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