Denis Lynch builds confidence for the Grand Prix

The green grass of Chantilly suits the Irish Denis Lynch masters of Chantilly c 0

Irish rider Denis Lynch’s victory in the Prix Ducati with his Bushi has given him confidence ahead of the Rolex Grand Prix. Friday’s main class lived up to its promise with eleven high-profile finalists in the jump-off on the evergreen Arena Grandes Ecuries, which the riders particularly enjoy
Olympic, European and world champions; they were all at the start in yesterday ’s big class. In the jump-off, there were only eleven riders left, including, good Equestrian World, seven French. But at the end of the day, the fastest was Denis Lynch who is now able to leave Chantilly on the saddle… of a glamorous Ducati! With his faithful GC Chopin’s Bushi, he achieved one of the only two double clear rounds of the class, but, to the despair of the public, with sixty hundredths better than French rider Alexis Deroubaix, who until then held the lead with Kitona de Muze (Vigo d’Arsouilles).
Denis Lynch was already a fan of the Chantilly grass arena yet this new victory in the new environment of the Masters will only make him love it more: “Bushi is a fantastic horse, this result speaks for itself. He has won a lot before and now he is winning again. I am very delighted with this horse and especially yesterday at this absolutely beautiful venue. Yesterday he was on a great day and when he is like this, in great shape, he is an extraordinary horse. He really likes this footing, it’s a great arena, there’s a very nice atmosphere as often in France and we’re very, very lucky to be here“.
The jump-off seemed complicated with only two clear rounds out of eleven starters, nothing abnormal according to the Irishman: “I have never won a competition without touching a pole! (laughs) Yesterday I touched one or two in the first round, but they stayed in place. It was a good day, but I promise you I’ve never won a Grand Prix or any other event without touching any fences. Yesterday luck was on my side. As for this course, there was nothing specifically difficult about it, it was very fair, it wasn’t over big. The conditions were ideal with a very good grass surface, a supple ground where the horses feel confident.” Bushi certainly looked confident and with two days to go before the Rolex Grand Prix his rider seems optimistic: “Absolutely, this kind of victory always gives confidence to the horse and the rider“. To be continued on Sunday from 3.30 pm.
In the meantime, another beautiful day awaits visitors at the Masters of Chantilly with seven classes on the programme on both arenas, the two M1-CSI 5* from 3.30 pm on the Arena Grandes Écuries, followed by the “Plaisir équestre“ show given by Clémence Faivre and Mario Luraschi and presented by Groupama Paris Val de Loire.
CSI5* – 1m55 Q Table A with jump off (238.2.2) – Prix Ducati
1) Denis Lynch, IRL – Gc Chopin’s Bushi 0-0/39.46
2) Alexis Deroubaix, FRA – Kitona de Muze 0-0/40.06
3) Benoit Cernin, FRA – Uitlanders du Ter 0-4/38.03
4) Penelope Leprevost, FRA – Verite Une Prince 0-4/39.65
4) Filippo Marco Bologni, ITA – Diplomat 0-4/39.65
6) Marie Demonte, FRA – Las Vegas Vd Padenborre 0-4/40.45
7) Kevin Staut, FRA – Bulgarie d’Engandou 0-4/40.46
8) Nicolas Delmotte, FRA – Urvoso du Roch 0-4/41.44
9) Paris Sellon, USA – Cassandra 0-4/42.08
10) Patrick Stühlmeyer, GER – Varihoka du Temple 0-4/44.82
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