Emotions of an International Show Through the Lens of Mackenzie Clark

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Jerome Guery (c) Mackenzie Clark

The Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) continues to offer unforgettable moments to all fans of this sport. After the last stop in Paris, the tour now heads to Stockholm (read the article “Henrik von Eckermann Looks to Secure Back to Back Wins at Longines Global Champions Tour of Stockholm“).

The Madrid stop delivered emotions to riders, trainers, and spectators alike. The highlights of this incredible competition were masterfully captured through the lens of renowned equestrian photographer Mackenzie Clark.

Her images transport us directly to the heart of the competition, offering a privileged look at the protagonists and the highlights of the event.

Below is a selection of the most significant photos with captions that tell stories of dedication, strategy, and victory.

Jodie Hall Mcateer

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Team Briefing with Jodie and her trainer, before entering the Arena for the New York Empires

The young and talented Jodie Hall Mcateer was captured during a team meeting with her coach before entering the arena for the New York Empires. The moment, filled with tension and concentration, shows Jodie’s determination and the fundamental support of her team.

Last minute Touch-ups

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Sophie Hinners and Team Coach Stefano Nogara touching up the last details before representing the Iron Dames

Sophie Hinners and team coach Stefano Nogara are caught making final adjustments before representing the Iron Dames. This shot highlights the importance of details and meticulous preparation in equestrian competition.

Colleague Talks

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Armando Trapote and Laura Kraut discussing the course of Friday’s GCL competition

Armando Trapote and Laura Kraut, two prominent figures in the equestrian world, discuss the course for Friday’s GCL competition. Their conversation reflects the strategy and collaboration necessary to successfully face the tournament’s challenges.

Counting Strides with Kent Farrington

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Kent Farrington during the GCL course walk

Kent Farrington, one of the most respected athletes in the GCL, is photographed during the course walk where he competed as an individual. His focus demonstrates the precision required to excel in this sport.

The forest way from the warm up ring to the main grass Arena

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Gilles Thomas and his team in the way to enter the Madrid Grass Arena

Gilles Thomas and his team are pictured as they head towards the grass arena in Madrid. This moment captures the transition from preparation to direct competition, with tension and anticipation palpable in the air.

Checker Knows

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Checker 47 from Christian Kukuk standing proud during the price giving after his GCT win.

Checker 47, Christian Kukuk‘s horse, stands proud during the prize-giving ceremony after their Grand Prix win at the LGCT Madrid. The horse’s proud look reflects the connection with its rider and the result of their hard work.

Mackenzie Clark’s photographs not only document the event but also tell stories of commitment, passion, and success. Her ability to capture the essence of decisive moments pays tribute to the athletes and their magnificent equine partners, making the LGCT Madrid an event to remember.

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