Evelyne Putters Vilamoura Equestrian Centre

First day of competition in Vilamoura (after the Warm Up Sessions of yesterday) with 2
exciting Singles Classes, the Juniors and the Young Riders First Competition. The day
started early, with all the athletes gathered around in “clusters” by team (in the center of
the arena), to check the course. Between the two classes, a total of 185 combinations tried
to start with “the right foot” and get an edge on the other riders, for the other days of
Both courses were designed by Bernardo Costa Cabral (the Portuguese Show Jumping
Level 4 Course Designer) and had a total of 12 obstacles and 15 efforts, being the height,
one of the major differences, besides all the technical details…Juniors class was set at
1,40m and Young Riders set at 1,45m.
Even though the Nations Cup, has not started yet, Belgium was the great “winner” of the
day, with a first place in the Juniors, due to the victory achieved by Evelyne Putters riding
Uith de Rotes and the double podium in the Young Riders, with the second and third
place, achieved by Alexander Housen riding Casillas van de Helle and Thibeau Spits
riding Classic Touch DH, respectively.
The second and third places in the Juniors, were occupied by the Danish Josephine
Christian Jacobsen riding Dakar and the French Alice Laine riding Emerald Sitte. As for
the Young Riders, the National Anthem played in the end of the day, was “God Save The
Queen”, thanks to the fastest clear round of the British Jodie Hall Mcateer riding Kimosa
van het Kritrahof, in only 63.98
Today it ́s time for two more classes, the Children First Competition and the
First Round of the Juniors Second Competition, counting for the First Round of the
Nations Cup.
Photo credits Vilamoura Equestrian Centre
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