Unveiling Equine Insight: A Conversation with Horseman Leo Rauscher

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Understanding Beyond Horses’ Biomechanics

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of horsemanship with Leo Rauscher, a horse expert who goes beyond just how they move. Leo sheds light on the thoughts and feelings of these animals, urging us to understand them better. 

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In this conversation, Leo talks about breaking common myths, earning trust from fearful horses, and dealing with the challenges of horsemanship. Discover the profound connection Leo emphasizes between humans and horses, where genuine understanding becomes the key to harmony.

Leo Rauscher emphasizes the importance of delving into the mental intricacies of horses, often overshadowed by biomechanics.

We’re taught about how horses move, but not much about how they think. Most people don’t understand how horses think or feel.” 

Challenging Misconceptions

Leo exposes a common error – horses in fear are misconstrued as stubborn or dominant. The challenge lies in deciphering their thoughts and emotions.

Horses can be misunderstood; fear is often confused with stubbornness or dominance. Understanding their thoughts is crucial.

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Unveiling Equine Insight: A Conversation with Horseman Leo Rauscher 6

Building Trust with Fearful Horses

For horses deeming humans as predators, Leo advocates controlling their body, earning trust through comprehension. Guiding fear responses establishes a foundation of safety.

Gaining trust means controlling their body and guiding them through fear, creating a safe space for horses seeing us as predators.

Earning Respect from Trusting Horses

Leo distinguishes horses seeing humans as predators and those who don’t. Respect, not just trust, becomes paramount for the latter. Establishing boundaries proves pivotal.

For horses not seeing us as predators, it’s about respect. Setting boundaries and earning their respect are crucial.

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The Evolution of Cute Foals

Leo delves into a stark reality – the cute foals of today become the challenging ones tomorrow. A poignant observation underscores the consequences of indulging foals without instilling respect.

Listen to that. The cute foals today are the troublemakers of tomorrow. When you make an Instagram story with a playful foal, you’re potentially nurturing future issues.

Navigating Horsemanship Challenges: Teaching Humans, Not Just Horses

Leo asserts that the primary challenge lies in teaching people, not horses. Addressing factors like time and commitment is crucial in resolving horse-related issues.

The real challenge in horsemanship is teaching people. Time and commitment are crucial factors in addressing horse-related issues.” 

Pride in Progress: Harmony with Difficult Horses

Reflecting on achievements, Leo takes pride in rectifying challenging horses and educating people. Harmonizing difficult horses with handlers signifies moments of accomplishment.

Fixing challenging horses and educating people bring me pride. Achieving harmony between them is a significant accomplishment.” 

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Unveiling Equine Insight: A Conversation with Horseman Leo Rauscher 7

Insightful Revelation: Horses as Mirrors

Horses act as mirrors, reflecting human energy and intentions, according to Leo. Understanding this reflection forms the cornerstone of genuine connection.

Horses mirror our energy and intentions. Understanding this reflection is the foundation for a genuine connection with them.

In our journey with Leo Rauscher, we’ve uncovered the essence of horsemanship – a delicate dance between understanding and respect. Leo’s teachings transcend biomechanics, urging us to fathom the silent language of horses. As he wisely notes, horses mirror our energy; understanding this is the key to a genuine connection.

V. Sozzi | Photo provided by Leo Rauscher

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