Interview with Tina Schäfer: her experience with Equigetic Therapy

51f59886 b1e2 48ba 8c58 00de7dafd533 recently had the privilege of talking with Tina Schäfer, a prominent figure in the world of equine therapy, to delve into her remarkable journey in ensuring the physical and psychological well-being of horses.

Tina, a seasoned physiotherapist for horses, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for holistic equine care to her practice. Join us as we explore Tina’s background, her pioneering Equigetic Therapy approach, and her unwavering dedication to championing equine well-being on a global scale.

Tina Schäfel’s Equine Journey: Family Heritage and Passion

“My name is Tina Schäfer, and I am a Physiotherapist for horses,” Tina introduces herself. “My working technique is called equigetic, and I am a registered FEI Therapist.”

Tina’s love for horses traces back to her family roots. “My dad, Axel Wöckener, runs a famous showjumping stable, and I used to compete and ride up to 1.50m,” she reveals. Now residing in Telgte, Germany, Tina lives with her husband and two sons, all deeply entrenched in the equestrian world.

Listening to the Horse: the Equigetic Therapy, Balancing Body and Mind

“It had Lyme disease, but the doctors disagreed,” Tina recalls, reflecting on her transformative experience with Equigetic Therapy.

“Three weeks later, the horse had fully recovered, and I was captivated by this new method.” This pivotal moment ignited Tina’s passion for exploring holistic approaches to equine well-being.

Driven by her dedication to healing horses on a holistic level, Tina developed Equigetic Therapy—a revolutionary approach rooted in the fundamental principles of listening to the horse. This method goes beyond treating physical ailments; it aims to restore the horse to its natural balance, respecting both its physical and psychological boundaries.

Equigetic Therapy incorporates a combination of techniques such as acupressure, herbal remedies, and homeopathy to address both the mental and physical aspects of the horse’s well- being.

The Equigenic Pad: Innovating Equine Comfort

One of the flagship products of Tina’s Equigetic line is the Equigetic Pad. This innovative pad is designed to alleviate sternum tension in horses, a common issue that can affect breathing, digestion, and overall comfort. Made from high-quality materials and crafted with precision, the Equigetic Pad provides targeted relief to areas of tension, promoting relaxation and improved performance.

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Bridging Understanding: Tina’s Clientele and Personalized Training Methods

“For every horse, regardless of their riding level, I recommend dedicating at least 20 minutes to a warm-up walk before training to prevent injuries,” Tina advises, stressing the importance of listening to the horse and understanding the root causes behind any behavioral changes.

Her clientele includes esteemed figures in international equestrianism, such as the Schockemöhle stables, Gut Berl of the Nieberg family, and Otto Becker’s family. She serves as a bridge for a deeper understanding of equine issues, drawing from her experience as a former international rider to tailor training methods to each horse’s needs.

Championing Equine Well-Being: Tina Schäfer’s Legacy

Tina Schäfer’s commitment to improving the lives of horses through Equigetic Therapy and innovative products underscores her dedication to the well-being and performance of these magnificent animals. With each stride forward, she continues to pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for equines worldwide.

V. Sozzi

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