KWPN Stallion Show 2024: a showcase of excellence for horse breeding

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Every year, in the heart of the Netherlands, one of the most prestigious events in the world of equestrian sports and horse breeding takes place: the KWPN Stallion Show. This event, held at the exhibition center in ‘s-Hertogenbosch Brabanthallen, is a cornerstone in the selection and competition activities of the KWPN (Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland) stable, renowned for the quality of its specimens.

The KWPN Stallion Show, taking place from January 31st, is not only an opportunity to showcase KWPN stallions but also for breeders and horse enthusiasts from around the world to gather and witness the best of equine breeding in action.

The event, spanning four days, will offer a wide range of activities designed to highlight various equestrian disciplines and showcase the qualities of the finest KWPN stallions and their offspring.

KWPN Stallion Show: The Program

The event kicks off with two days dedicated to show jumping stallions, during which enthusiasts can witness the selection of the best specimens and thrilling competitions of the Blom Stallion Competition jumping.

This is the moment when approved show jumping stallions demonstrate their skills, and new aspirants present themselves to be invited to the KWPN performance test, a crucial step towards final approval.

Follow the results here

The third day is reserved for dressage stallions, featuring the final of the Anemone Horse Trucks Dressage Stallion Competition and a series of clinics and performances showcasing the best emerging talents in this discipline.

The last day of the KWPN Stallion Show is dedicated to driving horses, with a series of events and competitions highlighting the unique characteristics of these specimens.

The KWPN Stallion Show is much more than just a horse show: it’s a unique experience celebrating excellence in the world of equestrian breeding. Whether you’re an equestrian sports enthusiast, a professional breeder, or simply a horse lover, don’t miss the opportunity to attend this extraordinary event.

Click here for the KWPN Stallion Show 2024 poster.

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