Paris Sellon: Creating harmony with horses

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In the bustling arena of Verona’s World Cup, one rider stands out not just for her skills but also for the unique connection she shares with her horses. Paris Sellon, a name gaining prominence in the equestrian world, brought two exceptional mares, Aconzina Ps and Attoucha , to the prestigious event.

“I got an invitation last minute for the show, so I decided to bring the two mares that I felt were in the best shape,” Paris shares, reflecting the spontaneity that fuels her passion. Among them is Aconzina Ps, a recent addition to her team. ” Aconzina  is quite new; I got her in April, so this is a big step for us.”

Beyond the rigors of competition, Paris has a deeper connection with her equine companions. “I really like their mentality and the fight that they give me in the ring. That girl power,” she remarks, revealing her fondness for the spirited nature of mares.

As we delve into her stable, Paris unveils a deliberate yet subconscious preference for mares. “I have six mares. I don’t consciously choose that, but I do think it’s a subconscious decision. I have really great horses at home and all of them are very special to me, but the two I took this week I felt were the best ones prepared to jump a show like Verona.”

As she envisions the future, Paris seeks a journey marked by achievements and enriching experiences. 

“Next year I hope to jump more Nations Cup teams; I got to do a couple this year, and that was a really great experience. I’m on a GCL (global champions league )team, so hopefully, those give me more opportunities,” she says, articulating her ambitions on the global equestrian stage.

In the intricate rhythm of the equestrian calendar, Paris underscores the importance of balance during the off-season. “When I give my horses a break, I still like to always keep them at work. I like to have them ridden basically every day with one day off a week normally. Just to keep the fitness a bit,” she explains, offering insights into her meticulous approach to equine well-being. 

“I really like giving them a change in their daily routine, going for hacks to the forest and just keeping them out of the arena as much as possible, to get their mind to relax and keep them out of the show world. I like to let them be horses.”

Reflecting on her most cherished moments, Paris shares glimpses of triumphs that transcend the podium.” I wouldn’t always say that my goals have always been winning, my goal has always been getting to a certain place, to have certain steps along the journey to get there.” Paris explains.

 “I I won a five-star Nations Cup, and that was obviously a highlight for me. This year I was able to jump on Hickstead’s team, and we ended up in the top five. That was a really big accomplishment for me because I worked very hard to have that horse come to that level” she reveals, illustrating her journey’s profound tapestry.

Thinking about the future, Paris’s dreams go beyond just winning. “Next year I hope to jump more Nations Cup teams; I got to do a couple this year, and that was a really great experience. I’m on a Global Champions League team, so hopefully, those give me more opportunities,” she shares, showing a journey marked not just by winning but by enjoying experiences and creating a bond with her horses that bring her to the top of the sport.

In talking about her long-term goal, Paris’s vision goes towards being able to participate at more team events where she can represent her teams.

“A long-term goal for me would be, hopefully jumping some Nations Cup stars would then lead to a global champions tour team. That’s always the end goal for me,” she says, showing a strong commitment to being excellent and making her sport better.

When giving advice to younger riders, Paris says, “Watch everybody around you, especially the top riders. Watch how they warm up, watch the types of horses that they have, always keep learning, we are all always learning” passing on wisdom from her own journey. When giving advice to younger riders, Paris emphasizes, “It’s not always about winning; it’s sometimes about achieving something that you have worked hard towards.”

As we look into Paris Sellon’s world, it’s clear her influence goes beyond just riding. It’s about building a legacy of horse care, where daily routines, building a partnership with her team of mares, and dreams for the future come together in a story of passion, teamwork, and always trying to be better. Paris Sellon’s story is more about just riding horses, it’s more about crafting a special story and bond with her great team of mares.”

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