Pedro Cebulka:  Master of the ring and Fashion icon

Pedro Cebulka, master ring FEI e icona di stile ai Campionati europei di Milano 2023

Pedro Cebulka, a name synonymous with the equestrian world, has not only made a mark with his distinctive outfits but, more importantly, with his unwavering commitment to the equestrian community. As we catch up with him in Milan for the FEI  European Jumping Championships, he shares insights into his remarkable journey and his dedication to making the equestrian world a better place for all.

“A Very Important Competition Like All Championships“: 

Pedro’s presence at the FEI European Jumping Championships in Milan speaks volumes about his dedication to the sport. With a career that has spanned over 47 years, he has been a fixture at five-star events, seven Olympic Games, five World Championships, Pan American Games, European Championships, and World Cup finals. His role, though seemingly simple, is pivotal: ensuring the safety of both horse and rider and keeping events running smoothly. It’s a job that demands precision, dedication, and a deep love for the sport.

“Trying Hard to Be Fair for the Horse, for the Riders but also of course of the grooms”: Pedro’s commitment to fairness and safety is evident in his words. His role transcends mere logistics; it is about creating an environment where the partnership between horse and rider can shine. In his own words, “Get horse and rider safe, number one. Safe, number two. On time in and out of the ring.” His dedication to these principles has made him a respected figure in the equestrian community.

“Always There for the Grooms“: One aspect of Pedro’s commitment that stands out is his dedication to grooms. He recognizes their importance, stating, “They spend probably more time with the horses than definitely the owners, quite often the riders.” Pedro actively advocates for better conditions and facilities for grooms at various events, ensuring they have a comfortable and efficient working environment.

“A Wardrobe as Unique as His Journey“: Pedro’s distinctive outfits reflect not only his fashion sense but also his connection with the event and the local culture. He says, “It started with a tropical helmet… and then it just went on, and well, it never stopped.” Each outfit tells a story, embracing the spirit of the occasion and the host country.

“Beyond the Arena”: Pedro’s involvement in equestrian events extends far beyond the ring. He is a proud supporter of Just World International, a charity founded by Jessica Newman. He emphasizes the importance of giving back to communities in need, saying, “Our world is a dream world. It’s not a reality. But the real world, you know.” Pedro’s commitment to making a difference in the real world through Just World International’s projects worldwide shows his commitment and dedication. “ I am here to help, helping is my job, whether it is children in need, horses, riders grooms” 

As Illustrated by his own words, Pedro’s journey in the equestrian world is a mix of passion, dedication and compassion. 

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