Sunshine Tour: Top French rider, Penélope Leprevost has a scorching win in the Dunas de Barbate Grand Prix

Penelope Leprevost vince il Big Tour Grand Prix al Sunshine Tour

Philip Weishaupt from Germany was second with ‘Coby 8’, after leading the class from the very beginning of the 5 horse jump off.

Vejer, 18th February 2024.  In theDunas de Barbate, Longines Ranking Grand Prix today, there was a thrilling five horse jump off with, first to go Philip Weishaupt, setting the time to beat at 36.48, riding ‘Coby 8’.  This challenge led to some very competitive jumping, but it wasn’t until the very last rider out,  Penelope Leprevost took to the arena, that his time looked under any threat. With a flawless round and ending with an enormous grin, this stylish French rider rode a technically prefect round and stopped the clock in just 36.29s, with the crowd in the stands cheering her on. Clearly delighted with this win on the talented 13yr old gelding, ‘Texas’ who is by ‘Tornesch 1042’, dam sire, ‘Robin Z’, we interviewed her after her winning round:

Penelope told us; “I am happy my ‘Texas’ won the 4* Grand Prix, Dunas de Barbate. It was really amazing.  To be honest when I walked the course, I said OK, its big enough, but my horse has scope and he knows his job”.  Penelope explained that last week when they, arrived they had only jumped two warm up classes on grass, before competing in this Grand Prix.  “So we had a super, super, first round…  and in the jump off I knew my ‘Texas’ is fast, and it was fast enough the top spot (which was held by Philip) Weishaupt, but Texas was faster.

Penelope also told us that: ’Texas’ was supposed to be jumping in Bordeaux and aiming to go over to Wellington for the CSIO, but plans change”  and she now hopes to jump next week’s Grand Prix, then she will go home after three weeks here at the Sunshine Tour.

Philip Weishaupt from Germany, in the end, took a well deserved second place in this 2024 Paris Olympic qualifier around this 1.55m, demanding course, designed by Italian, Uliano Vezzani. Third with a beautifully fluid round was Belgian rider, Gilles Thomas with ‘Ermitage Kalone’; fourth with another stylish round, was Dutch, Mel Thijssen with ‘Imodo’ and in fifth, was Polish rider, Adam Grzegorzewski with ‘Issem’.  These were the five that qualified for the jump off in this demanding class held on grass in the main David Broom grass arena.

The Medium Tour Grand Prix was held in the Hickstead arena and was won by the British rider, Guy Williams who is back here at the Tour after some years away.   Today he was riding ‘Ernie Of Greenhill Z’, the talented 12yr old stallion by ‘Emerald’ x ‘Caretino’.  He rode an attacking round, winning the class in a difficult jump off of 15 horses.  In second with a lovely round was Italian, Giulia Martinengo Marquet with ‘Calle Deluxe’;  and in third with his usually stylish round, was Swiss rider, Martin Fuchs with ‘Bastille’;  fourth was another Swiss rider, Edourd Schmitz with ‘Quno’ and fifth, French, Emeric George with ‘Caslisco de Terlong’.

Helmut Schönstetter from Germany was the winner of the third ranking class today, the Small Tour Grand Prix, riding  ‘Anton SBK Z’.  This class was sponsored by the artist from Jerez, Balcris, who designed the trophies and a set of jumps, amongst other things, for the 30th anniversary of the Andalucía Sunshine Tour.

Italian riders took the next two places, Matteo Leonardi with ‘Daytona Della Caccia’ and Eleanora Sanna with ‘Incanto VDL’;  fourth was Swiss,  Peter Burri with ‘Dubai 64’ and fifth, Satoshi Hirao with ‘French Lover’ from Japan.

The Big Tour 1.45, had a Spanish win from Jesús Garmendia Echevarría with ‘Valut 2’.  British riders,  Ellen Whitaker with ‘Coshira Blue PS’ and Ava Vernon with ‘Jolie Fleur Van de Noordheuvel’ were second and third.

The Big Tour 1.35 was won by Moroccan rider, Farid Amanzar with ‘Elvis Van Overis Z’; second was Luca Moneta with ‘Chilli 41’ and third, Spanish, Alex Sagarduy Bengoa with ‘Viva la Vida LR’.

The Medium Tour 1.40, was won by British, Olivia Sponer with ‘Crazy Girl’;  second was Irish,  Niamh McEvoy with ‘Hybernia’ and third, New Zealand rider, Bruce Goodin with ‘Harvey’.

The 1.30 also had a British win from Nicole Lockhead Anderson with ‘I Am a Harley’ followed by Spanish, Kevin González de Zárate with ‘Caept’n Hook’ and Dutch, Yoni Van Santvoort with ‘Dilly Dally Z’.

The Medium Tour,1.20, had a Moroccan winner, Yassir Arbain with ‘D’Angel La Tuilerie’ followed by  Polish, Maksymilian Wechta with ‘Wimster’ and in third,Italian, Lavinia Lo Bosco with ‘Oberon Van Den Berg’.

Spanish, Elena Appendino took the top two places in the Small Tour 1.40;  first with ‘Grupo Prom Hacienda’ and second with ‘Pompei Van de Fruitkorf’.  Helmut Schönstetter was third with ‘Campino MR’.

In the Small Tour1.30 there was a British whitewash with Jude Burgess coming top on ‘Undun’; Laura Mantel second on ‘Arizona D’Iva Z’ and William Walker third with ‘I’m Special the One AK’.

In the CSI1* the Morrocan riders were unbeatable today. Youssef Salmeron and ‘Girocco de Jarsay’ won the 1.35 Grand Prix.  Alia Benbrahim and ‘Erocco’ won the 1.25  class and finally,  Mohamed Benharbet Alami won the 1.10 with  ‘Chiva’.

And that concludes our round up of today’s results here at the 30th Andalucía Sunshine Tour , which is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalucía, through Tourism and Sports of Andalucía.

Full results

Press release Andalucia Sunshine Tour | Photo by Mackenzie Clark

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