Wilma Hellström and Cicci: A Special Bond Beyond Words

Wilma Hellström e Cicci Bjn

In the world of equestrian sports, there are stories that go beyond the ordinary, tales of extraordinary connections between riders and their equine companions. One such remarkable story is that of Wilma Hellström and her horse, Cicci. In a candid interview, Wilma shares insights into her incredible journey with Cicci, a journey filled with challenges, resilience, and an unbreakable bond.

Winning is always a momentous achievement, and Wilma’s recent victory in the team European championship left her both elated and humbled. She confesses, “Yeah, It still hasn’t really sunk in, to be honest. I think it will take a while to realize what we actually did.” Her humility shines through as she reflects on her team’s success.

A Fantastic Feeling

While Wilma remains grounded in her humility, she also acknowledges the exceptional talent surrounding her. She pays tribute to her teammates, saying, “It’s really impressive, a team to be with here, and to be able to contribute and to take this medal together is a fantastic feeling.” Her sense of pride in being part of such a high-caliber team underscores the significance of unity in the world of equestrian sports.

hellstrom wilma SWE cicciBJN 1day 31 1
Wilma Hellström – SWE – on Cicci BJN – Class Speed and Handiness – Fei Jumping European Championship Milano 2023

A Real Soul Mate

When the conversation turns to her relationship with Cicci, Wilma’s face softens with affection. She speaks of Cicci as more than just a horse, saying, “We are really soul mates. She’s very special. She’s not like any other horse that I’ve ever had.” Her words are a testament to the depth of their connection, one that transcends the conventional boundaries of rider and horse, portraying a unique and profound bond.

The Heart-Wrenching Accident

Wilma’s journey with Cicci took an unexpected and heart-wrenching turn when Cicci suffered a devastating accident at the tender age of seven. With a heavy heart, Wilma recalls, “I had been entertaining the idea of possibly having to sell her because she showed immense promise, and there was a considerable amount of interest in her.” However, the fates had different plans in store. Cicci’s accident led to a protracted and arduous recovery process.2

Wilma opens up about the emotional toll, saying, “It really hurt my heart to see her.” The anguish of witnessing her cherished companion struggle through pain and rehabilitation is evident in her voice. The accident was a profound test of their bond, a test that Wilma confronted with love and determination.

The Heart-Wrenching Accident

Despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles, Wilma and Cicci emerged from the shadows of adversity even stronger. “In the beginning it was very difficult, we had to go back to the basics, I had to teach her everything from zero because she could not see anything from one eye.” The recovery process was long and with every improvement hope grew for Wilma to get back in the ring with Cicci.

The path to recovery was arduous, marked by tireless dedication. Wilma reflects on the process, saying, “We started from scratch. It was like she had to learn to walk again.” She describes the painstaking efforts, “I would take her out for walks, and she’d bump her head. We had to pad the entire stall as she couldn’t see.” The recovery was emotionally draining for both Wilma and Cicci.

hellstrom wilma SWE cicciBJN 1day 241 1
Wilma Hellström – SWE – on Cicci BJN – Class Speed and Handiness – Fei Jumping European Championship Milano 2023

Rebuilding Trust

Wilma also speaks of the critical moment when they rebuilt trust. She recalls, “I started with low jumps, just twenty centimeters. She was overjoyed, unlike anything I’d seen before. She was eager to convey that she was ready to jump again.”

“I feel no difference whether I ride her from the right or the left, sometimes I even wonder if she does see even with no eye” Wilma jokingly says.  underscoring their unshakeable trust in each other. Their shared journey through suffering and healing forged an unbreakable connection, one that defied words but was eloquent in its resilience.

Expectations for the Future

Wilma approaches the future with an open heart, fully cognizant of the fragility of life and the resilience of their bond. She openly admits, “I have no concrete expectations. There’s so much that could unfold.” Her focus remains on savoring every moment, cherishing the camaraderie with Cicci, and nurturing aspirations for clear rounds. Wilma’s perspective embodies a profound love for the sport and a steadfast commitment to her partnership with Cicci, a bond that endured the crucible of adversity and emerged even more profound and indomitable.

Wilma Hellström and her cherished horse, Cicci, personify the essence of equestrian sports—a profound connection, unyielding resilience, and an unwavering dedication to the journey. Their story is a tribute to the power of love, trust, and unwavering spirit. Their victory isn’t just about medals and accolades; it’s a celebration of their unbreakable bond, the countless hours of dedication, and the profound trust that binds them. It’s a reminder that love, determination, and unity can overcome even the darkest moments.

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Photo (c) Marta Fusetti – Wilma Hellström and Cicci

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