Christoph Könemann: A Dedicated Equestrian Champion

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Christoph Könemann, a seasoned equestrian based in Switzerland. Originally from Germany, Könemann has been living and working in Switzerland for over twelve years. Known for his exceptional talent in show jumping, he represents the Sportstall Tina Pol and has become a prominent figure in the equestrian community.

Training Young Horses

Könemann emphasized the importance of patience and time when it comes to training young horses. He explained, “We let our young horses have a tremendous amount of time. That’s the beauty of working with my boss, Tina Pol, who truly allows me the time to gain experience. For us, time is solely for accumulating experience, peace, and tranquility.” This patient approach has helped Könemann develop the skills of these young horses, enabling them to excel in future competitions.

Upcoming Goals

Speaking about his upcoming competitions, Könemann shared his excitement for the Falkenwart event in the Netherlands. He said, “On the eleventh and twelfth of July, we will be heading to Holland for the Falkenwart event. I will be riding two four-star horses, two two-star horses, and a promising youngster.” The opportunity to compete in this prestigious event presents a new challenge for Könemann, and he is eager to showcase his skills on an international stage once again.

Mental Preparation

Delving into the mental aspect of competition, Könemann discussed the importance of mental training. He shared, “I am fortunate enough to have been working with a Swiss coach specializing in the mental side of the sport for the past two years. It helps me stay focused and keep my nerves in check. It’s important to mentally prepare myself for any upcoming events.” Könemann emphasized the significance of mental preparation, including techniques such as controlled breathing and organizing thoughts, to maintain a calm and focused mindset.

Career Highlights

Reflecting on his proudest moments in his career, Könemann mentioned, “I’ve had some great Grand Prix placements that I’m very proud of. But for me, what truly satisfies me is being able to have a beautiful, solid, and calm training and work with the horses.” Könemann’s commitment to nurturing a respectful and harmonious relationship with his equine partners highlights his dedication to their well-being and growth.

Christoph Könemann’s dedication to show jumping and his passion for training young horses have cemented his place as a respected equestrian champion. His emphasis on patience, mental preparedness, and fostering a harmonious partnership with his horses sets him apart in the competitive world of show jumping. As Könemann continues to pursue his goals and showcase his skills, his unwavering commitment to the art of equestrianism serves as an inspiration to aspiring young talents in the field.

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