Equiplanet: Horse Well-being Through Nutrition

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Equiplanet is a brand under Tecnozoo, a family-owned company founded in Padua province in 1984 by the Vanzetto brothers. Over the years, they have built a solid presence in the Italian and international markets.

The company’s mission, reflected in its name, combines constant technological innovation (“tecno”) with a commitment to animal welfare (“zoo”). Specializing in complementary feed production, Tecnozoo focuses on resolving nutrition-related issues for various animals. Equiplanet, established in 2000, caters specifically to horses, aiming to enhance their well-being and physical fitness for owners, breeders, and trainers.

Equiplanet’s focus on supplementary feed aims to reduce nutrition-related problems affecting sport horses’ performance, broodmares, stallions, and foal growth during breeding. The company emphasizes the crucial role of nutrition in all stages, from pregnancy and lactation to foal growth, impacting the horse’s future well-being and athletic career.

foto benessere cavallo
Equiplanet per il benessere del cavallo sportivo

In addition to positive market feedback, Equiplanet supports its product efficacy through scientific research collaborations with Italian universities and professionals. Notably, a study conducted by the University of Milan’s Department of Veterinary Medicine examined the effectiveness of Trophogast Pellet in treating gastric ulcers in endurance horses, resulting in publication in the Veterinary Record in 2021.

trophogast pellet ricerca
Trophogast Pellet

Addressing common gastrointestinal issues impacting horse welfare, Equiplanet successfully tested Algaphyt, a complementary feed rich in Omega-3 and plant extracts, under stressful conditions like competitions, transportation, weaning, and management changes.

Equiplanet prioritizes product efficacy and production quality, obtaining certifications such as ISO 9001, GMP+, and FAMI QS, ensuring compliance with international quality and safety standards.

Italian expertise and a focus on animal nutrition have garnered Equiplanet’s products popularity in over 30 countries, where they contribute to horse well-being in various life stages, from breeding to retirement.

Equiplanet offers a wide range of complementary feeds for breeding, training, and senior horses, aiming to meet their nutritional needs and well-being throughout their lives. The company’s nutrition experts provide support to industry professionals, offering guidance, personalized projects, and immediate assistance.

For inquiries, contact Equiplanet’s technical service at info@equiplanet.it or visit equiplanet.it for more information.

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