European Championships’ Table C Class

Il campo gara della Tabella C dei Campionati Europei di Salto Ostacoli

The Essence of Skill and Precision

Milan, August 30 – The European Championships’ Table C Class has opened its gates in Milano, setting the stage for a thrilling showcase of equestrian prowess. Amid the city’s cultural splendor, riders and their equine partners prepare to engage within the first qualifying competition that will be countable for both a team score and an individual score.

The Table C Class is a captivating facet of equestrian competition that merges the elements of speed, accuracy, and strategic agility. In this discipline, riders are required to traverse a meticulously designed course comprising a series of obstacles—jumps and combinations—that test not only their ability to execute perfect leaps but also their capacity to do so within a time constraint. The aim is to strike a delicate equilibrium between velocity and precision, where the fastest time wins, but faults incurred through knocking down an obstacle or exceeding the time limit lead to penalty points.

As the competition unfolds on Milano’s historic grounds, the Table C Class encapsulates the heart of equestrian sports in which a total of 24 nations, 15 of which competing with a team and 9 individual competitors will present at this European Championship in Milano, San Siro.

Photo European Championships Tab.C first day

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