Mental Coaching: a Journey towards Harmony between Rider and Horse

mental coaching equitazione con o.d.e.m.

In recent years, the concept of “mental coaching” has gained increasing prominence as a powerful tool for enhancing performance in various life domains, including sports.

But what does mental coaching exactly mean? Mental coaching is based on the idea that success depends not only on physical abilities but also on the mental and emotional state of the individual. O.d.e.m. and the application of mental coaching principles in horsemanship

In the context of horsemanship, this practice proves particularly intriguing. Horsemanship is not just a sport but also an art that demands a profound connection between rider and horse. To better understand how mental coaching can positively influence this relationship, we had the opportunity to interview Janine Rhis Kirchhain, the founder of O.d.e.m.

O.d.e.m., an acronym for “Guidance for Equitable Mental Development“, has as its fundamental philosophy the idea that breathing is crucial not only for its vital function but also as a means of expression and a reflection of our emotions: conscious control of breathing allows control of one’s emotions.

The key concept of O.d.e.m. is illustrated through different emotional situations and corresponding breathing patterns:

  • Love: When the heart is filled with happiness, breathing flows freely, and a sensation of lightness is experienced.
  • Joy: In a state of joy, the heart is light and full of vivacity, breathing flows effortlessly, and the entire body is relaxed.
  • Sadness: When feeling sad, breathing becomes difficult, and a sense of oppression in the chest is felt.
  • Fear: Fear manifests through shallow breathing and tension in the body and muscles.
  • Panic: In a state of panic, the body contracts, becomes rigid, breathing halts, and hyperventilation may occur.

Through mindful breathing practices, O.d.e.m. aims to guide individuals towards emotional and mental balance. Awareness and control of one’s breathing become key elements in positively influencing emotions and promoting a balanced development of the mind and body.

O.d.e.m.’s training sessions focus on the joint evolution of the rider and the horse, advocating for a shift in traditional horsemanship coaching methods. “We don’t just teach what to do, but also how to do it. As a Sports Mental Coach, I guide you in your perceptual ability because only what is perceived can be changed,” explains Janine.

Janine’s declared goal is clear: to create a harmonious connection leading to an increase in balance, lightness, and success for the rider-horse duo. “You will learn to guide your horse sensitively, thus achieving a deeper connection because only in a state of balance does energy flow freely,” she asserts.

For those wishing to embark on this journey and experience Janine Rhis Kirchhain’s method, visit the website for more information. Her unique approach to mental coaching in horsemanship promises to transform not only technical skills but also the emotional bond between the rider and their precious companion.

Watch the full video on our Instagram profile.

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