Unveiling the Iberian Equestrian Legacy: A Conversation with Marco Barcella 

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Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Fiera Cavalli Verona, our Horseshowjumping.tv team had the pleasure of connecting with the visionary President of Iberica Italia, Marco Barcella. In the currents of this year’s event, we discovered a newfound passion for Iberian equestrian disciplines. Our meeting with Marco offered not only a glimpse into the enchanting world of Iberian horsemanship but also insights into the dynamic initiatives spearheaded by Iberica Italia.

The Iberian Disciplines

At the heart of our conversation with Marco Barcella was the exploration of Iberian equestrian disciplines, particularly the Doma Vaquera. Originating from Andalusia, this discipline, while finding roots in Italy, continues to flourish in its Spanish homeland. In 2021, a collaboration with the Federation of Tracante saw the birth of a new segment focusing on classic Iberian training. This extension aimed to encompass the Spanish, Lusitanian, Crusader, and Minorchini horses, collectively known as Iberian horses.

Quote from Marco Barcella: “Our project is to spread the cIberian horse disciplines in Italy, making it a national championship because in Italy, there are many Iberian horses.”

Plans for 2024

As our conversation unfolded, Marco shared the ambitious plans for 2024. A pivotal commitment with the federation involves organizing a comprehensive Italian championship for Doma Vaquera and Iberian Classic Training. This endeavor signifies a significant step in the broader mission of Iberica Italia to proliferate Iberian equestrianism throughout Italy.

Quote from Marco Barcella: “Our project is to spread throughout Italy the Iberian Classic Training. There are almost 500 Spanish horses in the Sicilian region alone.”

Perception of Iberian Equestrianism in Italy

Delving into the perception of Iberian equestrianism in Italy, Marco highlighted the charm and distinctiveness, especially in the Spanish horse. The expressive and scenic movements of the Spanish horse add a captivating layer to the equestrian landscape. Doma Vaquera, considered one of the most challenging disciplines, is embraced for its unique use of one hand with both wrists.

Quote from Marco Barcella: “The Iberian equestrianism in Italy has its charm, especially in the Spanish horse. Doma Vaquera is a challenging discipline that requires precision in using one hand for various exercises.”

Success at Fiera Cavalli Verona

Concluding our conversation, Marco expressed immense satisfaction with the response received at Fiera Cavalli Verona. The association managed to stable 150 horses during the event, reflecting a resounding success not only for the Iberian horses but also for Iberica Italia’s commitment to promoting these captivating disciplines.

Wrapping up our chat with Marco Barcella, it’s evident that Fiera Cavalli Verona was a triumph. Iberica Italia managed to stable 150 horses, and Marco expressed joy at the overwhelming response. The success not only celebrated the allure of Iberian horses but also underscored Iberica Italia’s commitment to propelling these remarkable disciplines forward.

Quote from Marco Barcella: “We stabled 150 horses, and if we had 200, we’d have taken them all in. It was a fantastic success for Iberian horses and our association.”


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